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How to become a Soprano

Part 1: Tax evasion will usually get you in - the Big House
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"How come Tony Soprano doesn't have a mob nickname? Paulie Walnuts does. All Tony gets is the occasional "T." Does anyone have any ideas for a new nickname for Tony?"
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"Is Rep. Jim Traficant the 'Tony Soprano' of the United States Congress?"
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Current US Tax Code

Looking for a quick way to join the ranks of the Sopranos, that lovable family of TV gangsters starting their third HBO season on March 4? All you have to do is believe a popular email message that begins...

Subject: WAIT, STOP, Don't Write That Check!


Legally Eliminate Your "FORM 1040" Income Tax! And...Keep 100% Of The Money You Earn...No matter what your level of income is!

This message is being sent to you by xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com please refer to the bottom of this message for removal instructions.

You are entitled to keep 100% of the money you earn. Filing a FORM 1040 Income Tax return, year after year, is a voluntary process. ALL the money you have paid the IRS over the years has been, in essence, a DONATION. ...Read entire letter

A concept of which Tony Soprano would be so proud.  But is it true? Any of it? Absolutely of course not. says the IRS. 

In fact, this is just one of eight tax scams that, according to IRS Commissioner Charles O. Rossotti, people should be on guard for this time of year because, "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

According to the IRS, the email scam above is called "Untax Yourself for $49.95" and is as old as old as the Godfather, but people continue to be taken in. And now it's on the Internet. The ads may say that paying taxes is "voluntary," but it is absolutely wrong. The U. S. courts have continuously rejected this and other similar arguments. Unfortunately, hundreds of people across the country have bought "untax packages" before finding out that following the advice contained in them can result in civil and/or criminal tax penalties being assessed. Numerous sellers of these bogus packages have been convicted on criminal tax charges. Bada-bing.

If you think an offer may be unscrupulous, you can report suspected tax fraud to the IRS at 1-800-829-0433.

Here are six more dangerous tax scams that would perk up even the long-suffering Carmela Soprano.

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