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Cold War: Costs of Victory

Dateline: 04/09/2000 

In the end, communism fell, the Soviet Union broke up and Nikita Nikita Khrushchev's only son became an American citizen, but who won the Cold War?

After wars, the United States follows a very wise tactic of turning old enemies into new friends by helping them recover from the conflict. While not a nuclear shot was fired in the Cold War, the U.S. is assisting the former Soviet Union complete the expensive and risky task of eliminating, transporting and storing their excess stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

One thing about nuclear weapons: It costs many more year 2000 dollars to make them safe than it cost 1960 dollars to make them dangerous.

For fiscal year 2000, the United States has budgeted $475.5 million for " Cooperative Threat Reduction" programs. Here is a breakdown of how this money is to be spent:

From Public Law No. 106-65  

TITLE XIII--Cooperative Threat Reduction With States of the Former Soviet Union

SEC. 1302. Funding Allocations

(a) FUNDING FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES- Of the $475,500,000 authorized to be appropriated to the Department of Defense for fiscal year 2000 in section 301(23) for Cooperative Threat Reduction programs, not more than the following amounts may be obligated for the purposes specified:

    (1) For strategic offensive arms elimination in Russia, $177,300,000.
    (2) For strategic nuclear arms elimination in Ukraine, $41,800,000.
    (3) For activities to support warhead dismantlement processing in Russia, $9,300,000.
    (4) For security enhancements at chemical weapons storage sites in Russia, $20,000,000.
    (5) For weapons transportation security in Russia, $15,200,000.
    (6) For planning, design, and construction of a storage facility for Russian fissile material, $64,500,000.
    (7) For weapons storage security in Russia, $99,000,000.
    (8) For development of a cooperative program with the Government of Russia to eliminate the production of weapons grade plutonium at Russian reactors, $32,300,000.
    (9) For biological weapons proliferation prevention activities in Russia, $12,000,000.
    (10) For activities designated as Other Assessments/Administrative Support, $1,800,000.
    (11) For defense and military contacts, $2,300,000.

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