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Government Shutdown?

The Costs of a Shutdown
Following the six-day shutdown that lasted from November 14 - 20, 1995, the Clinton Administration released documentation of what it cost:

In lost dollars:

$700 - $800 million including $400 million to furloughed federal employees who were paid, but did not report to work. The Treasury Department reported another $400 million in lost revenue over the four days that the IRS enforcement divisions were closed.

In inconvenience to citizens:

Medicare - 400,000 newly eligible participants were delayed in enrolling.

Social Security - claims from 112,000 applicants were not processed. 212,000 new or replacement Social Security cards were not issued. 360,000 office visits were denied. 800,000 toll-free calls for information were not answered.

State Department: 80,000 passport applications delayed. 80,000 visas delayed. The resulting postponement or cancellation of travel hurt US airlines, hotels, and tourist industry.

National Parks: 2 million visitors turned away.

Government-backed Loans: FHA mortgage loans worth more than $800 million to more than 10,000 low-and-moderate-income working families were delayed.

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What a Shutdown Could Mean to Us

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