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Government Acronyms and Abbreviations

Handy guides to help you decipher the alphabet soup of government acronyms and abbreviations.

Common U.S. Government Acronyms
A large and growing list of the most commonly used acronyms in the U.S. Government. The list includes handy links to related agencies and background information.

DOD Dictionary of Military Acronyms and Abbreviations
The DOD Dictionary and the Joint Acronyms and Abbreviations master data base are managed by the Joint Doctrine Division, J-7, Joint Staff. All approved joint definitions are contained in Joint Publication 1-02, "DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.

DoD and Information Technology Related Acronyms
A list of over 1,500 abbreviations, acronyms, and initialisms commonly used in the fields of computer science and information technology from the Department of Defense.

PACronyms: acronyms, initials and names of federal PACS
The list from the Federal Election Commission includes the PACRONYM, full committee name, city and state of its address, FEC I.D. number, and the name of its sponsoring, connected, or affiliated organization (if not readily identifiable from the full committee name). Unless noted otherwise in the full committee name, the acronym "PAC" refers to "Political Action Committee."

Acronyms Used in Material Safety Data Sheets
Compiled by the Office of Health and Safety, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Acronyms Used in Medicare and Medicaid
Compiled by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Glossary of Aviation-related Terms and Acronyms
Compiled by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

USDA Acronyms and Terms
Acronyms and common terms used on a continuing basis by staff within USDA generally, and CSREES and its partners, specifically.

GPS Related Acronyms
A compilation of acronyms found in GPS (Global Positioning System) related literature, from the Federal Interagency GPS Executive Board.

Dictionary of International Trade Terms
Compiled by the International Trade Data System (ITDS).

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