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Information on Government Sales and Auctions

The malls of government are always open. Don't pay somebody for information about government sales and auctions when you can get it free here.

Yucca Mountain Still in Nuclear Waste Storage Mix?
Shortly after taking office, President Obama pulled the financial plug on further development of the Yucca Mountain, Nevada nuclear waste storage facility, prompting Environmental Issues Guide Larry West to ask the very difficult question, "If not Yucca Mountain, where?" Based on the action being taken by Congress, the answer could still be Yucca Mountain.

Government Sales and Auctions
What does the U.S. government have going for it when it comes to public sales and auctions? Diversity. From Treasury bills to wild horses and houses, you name it and a government agency probably sells it. Best of all from the consumer's standpoint, the government is not out to make a profit, so most items are sold at or below cost or fair market value. Plus, purchasing from the government helps to defer cost of running the government, which saves taxpayers' dollars.

Buy a HUD House and Save
Learn how to buy a home offered at auction by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. From your About.com Guide.

Buying Used Federal Property
Truth and information on Government property sales, plus links to all of the regional federal sale & auction location web sites. From your About.com Guide.

Unclaimed Property Could be Yours
As many as 26 million Americans could claim over $10 Billion held by state governments. Are you one?

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