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Changing Your Address With Government Agencies

Many agencies provide for online address changes


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Changing your address has to be one of the biggest hassles of moving. Especially if you are receiving government benefit payments, it is vital that you notify the appropriate government agencies of your new address. Fortunately, many federal and state agencies now provide online change of address features, or make it easy to download the mail-in forms you need. Here is a handy list of resources to help make the job of changing your address as painless as possible.

U.S. Postal Service Change of Address
Online change of address form. Allows for permanent or temporary forwarding of mail.

Drivers Licenses - Vehicle Registration Change of Address
Links to drivers licensing agencies and departments of motor vehicles in each state. Many states now allow online address changes and vehicle registration payments.

Internal Revenue (IRS) Change of Address Form (.pdf)
Simply download this IRS form, fill it out and mail it back to the IRS.

Social Security Change of Address
You only need to notify Social Security of your address change IF you currently receiving Social Security benefits or SSI benefits. For all persons NOT receiving benefits, the Social Security Administration uses address as registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

Veterans Change of Address
Only the recipient of VA benefits, or the recipient's legal representative, may request a change of address. A spouse or other relative is not considered a legal representative for this purpose unless the spouse, or relative, has a power of attorney that authorizes the relative to make the change, or is a court appointed fiduciary.

Voter Registration
Links to the election officials offices of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, from the National Association of State Election Directors. Also see: Register to Vote by Mail Anywhere - Motor Voter

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