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Are You Eligible for Federal Government Benefits?

Website Leads Way to Government Assistance


Are You Eligible for Federal Government Benefits?
How can the government help me? A website from the U.S. Department of Labor answers that often-asked question by helping Americans determine their eligibility for hundreds of federal and state assistance programs.

GovBenefits.gov offers a totally free, easy-to-use and completely confidential way to find out what government benefits programs you may be eligible for and how to apply for them.

Most people knows about the top government assistance programs like Social Security and Medicare but what about Crop Insurance, Weatherization Assistance, or the Good Neighbor Next Door Home Sales Program? The online tools at GovBenefits.gov can help you find them.

GovBenefits.gov represented the first example of President George W. Bush’s e-Government initiative to make the government "more citizen-centric."

The online screening tool at GovBenefits.gov are free, easy-to-use, and completely confidential. It does not require your name, phone number, Social Security number, or any other information that could be used to identify you. You answer a series of questions about yourself, and then GovBenefits.gov returns a list of government benefit programs you may be eligible to receive, along with information about how to apply.

Whether it's a direct payment, loan, insurance, training, or other services - there may be government benefit programs available to help you.
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