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US Federal Government Employee Benefits

Federal workers enjoy top-flight benefits


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Federal government employees enjoy a wide range of "family-friendly" benefits that go far beyond insurance and retirement. Each agency is free to offer its own benefits package. The following is a sample of federal government employee benefits.

  • Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS):
    Benefits based on amount of service and salary history.

  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP):
    Multiple investment options similar to a 401(k) plan.

  • Social Security:
    Credit earned while working with the Government. Retirement benefits, disability protection, and survivor protection.

  • Medicare - Part A:
    Available to you at no cost at age 65.

  • Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB):
    No waiting periods, required medical exam, or age/physical condition restrictions.

  • Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI):
    Group term life insurance - Basic life insurance and three options (Standard, Additional, and Family).

  • Leave and Holidays:
    13 days sick leave each year; 13, 20, or 26 days of vacation leave each year, depending on years of service; 10 days paid holiday each year.

  • Family Friendly Leave Flexibilities:
    Flexible Work Schedules; Telecommuting; Family Friendly Leave Policies; Employee Assistance Program (EAP); Part-Time & Job Sharing Positions; Child & Elder Care Resources Adoption Information/Incentives; Child Support Services.

  • Work/Life Programs:
    Every Federal agency has an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which has a goal to restore employees to full productivity. More specifically, the EAP provides free, confidential short term counseling to identify the employee's problem and, when appropriate, make a referral to an outside organization, facility, or program that can assist the employee in resolving his or her problem.

  • Recruitment Bonus:
    Lump-sum bonus to newly appointed employees for difficult-to-fill positions. Up to 25% of basic pay may be paid prior to employee entering on duty. Service agreement with repayment plan if service time not fulfilled.

  • Relocation Bonus:
    Lump-sum bonus for difficult-to-fill position in a different commuting area; up to 25% of basic pay. Service agreement with repayment plan if service time not fulfilled.

  • Retention Allowance:
    Continuing payment to retain departing employees; up to 25% of basic pay.

  • Employee Development:
    Career Resource Centers; Training Opportunities

  • Student Loan Repayment:
    Permits agencies to repay the student loans of Federal employees; used at the discretion of the agency.

  • Long Term Care Insurance Program:
    John Hancock and MetLife formed Long Term Care Partners, a jointly owned new company exclusively dedicated to serving the long term care insurance needs of the Federal Family.

  • Child Care Subsidy Program:
    Federal agencies, at their own discretion, can use appropriated funds, including revolving funds otherwise available for salaries, to assist lower income federal employees with the costs of child care.

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