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How to Check Your Tax Refund Status on a Smartphone

IRS Goes Mobile With IRS2Go App for iPhone, Android


IRS2Go App

The IRS2Go app for smartphones is pictured here.

Internal Revenue Service
Updated February 02, 2011

Want to check the status of your federal income-tax refund on your mobile phone? The Internal Revenue Service has an app for that.

The IRS launched its free IRS2Go smartphone app in 2011.

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IRS2Go is available for iPhones, through Apple's iTunes app store, and for Google Android phones, through the Android Marketplace.

Is IRS2Go Safe?

When you check state status of your tax return on IRS2Go, you'll be asked to enter your Social Security number.

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Will your sensitive, personal information be protected?

The IRS says yes. The Social Security number will be masked and encrypted for security purposes on the IRS2Go app.

How to Use IRS2Go

After entering your Social Security number in IRS2Go, you will need to select your filing status. You have five choices: single,married filing jointly, married filing separately, head of household and qualifying widower.

After entering your filing status, you will need to know and enter the amount you anticipate getting back in your tax refund.

If you filed your return electronically, IRS2Go will work within about 72 hours of the IRS acknowledging receipt of your return. If your filed a paper return, you'll need to wait three to four weeks to use IRS2Go.

About 70 percent of the 142 million individual tax returns were filed electronically in 2010.

Why the IRS Launched IRS2Go

The IRS launched its IRS2Go in January 2011, saying the mobile app is one more step is aiding taxpayers.

"This new smart phone app reflects our commitment to modernizing the agency and engaging taxpayers where they want when they want it," said IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman.

"As technology evolves and younger taxpayers get their information in new ways, we will keep innovating to make it easy for all taxpayers to access helpful information."

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