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Sure, you have every right to sit at home and just let government happen to you. No law requires you to vote, keep up with what the government is doing, or ever contact your elected representatives. Of course, when you don’t take part in it, like it or not, what you get is everyone else’s government.
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Voting and Elections

Participatory government, government by the people, is the foundation of democracy, and voting is the foundation of democracy. If you only do one thing to take part in your government, whether at the national, state or local level, make it voting.

Make Your Voice Heard

The people you elect work for you. You should and can talk to them – tell them what you expect them to do. You can write your elected officials letters, you can even meet with them face-to-face. If done right, personal contact with your elected representatives can have a tremendous effect.

Keeping Current

Congress passes hundreds of laws every session. Government agencies enact dozens of federal regulations to enforce those laws. These actions impact the daily lives of Americans. You need to know.

US Citizenship

Children and Adults Are Sworn In As US Citizens During Ceremony

Naturalization is the voluntary process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to foreign citizens or nationals after they have fulfilled the requirements established by Congress. The naturalization process offers immigrants a road to the benefits of U.S. citizenship.

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